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Search extensions follow experts carrying marketing solutions that bring ROI driven results, boost brand value and measure success on every step.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Research, analyze and optimize to boost online visibility of your website.

Search engine marketing (SEM)

Research, bid and optimize according to your business goal and potential.

SOCial media marketing (SMM)

Plan, create, schedule, monitor and repeat to bring a consistent result with content and ads.


Grab creative, simple but professional look website design for better ROI.


Optimize, promote and boost clicks to your landing page and attract buyers.


At Search Extension we have a dedicated in-house team with 8 years of combined working experience in digital marketing. Our team performs extensive data analysis to optimize your website and create result drivern marketing campaigns. We believe in innovative and creative approaches that suit your business model. Our round the call support team is always available to understand clients needs and goals.

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of Combined Experience

24 x 7

Support System


In-house Team


Oriented Mindset


We are a growing digital marketing agency in the industry. Our team follows a strategic approach to help you attract your target audience and achieve major goals. We offer constant analysis, optimization and reports to every client. Our dedicated team has a strong hand on SEO, SMM, PPC marketing and others.

We prioritize business growth and in-depth market research that ensure the maximum result and ROI for your brand.
Our company drives deep into your brand, audience and industry to identify potential benefits for your business.
Our talented designers create brainstorming prototypes and visuals for your business that looks captivating and professional.

End your search for Digital Marketing Wizards here.

Shanu Quraishi

Shanu Quraishi

Founder (Marketing Manager)

Mukul Verma

Co-founder (Content Manager)

Abhishek Prasad

Head of Development


we execute our ideas from the strat to finish

Search Extension is an all in one digital solution where digital dreams became a reality. Grab our innovative marketing solutions and designs that fuel your online growth. We monitor your business analysis, brand recognition and results in every step. So you can easily transform your vision in the online world.

Understanding Your Needs

As professional marketers, we always listen to our clients needs first and then advise the suitable solutions..

Bringing Result You Desired

Our marketing strategies are optimized to a level that more than 95% of the clients get the desired result within a specified period of time.

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We have been successfully serving multiple industries for the last 8 years. Our cutting edge strategy brings exceptional results in business ROI and recognitions. Innovative thinking and data driven insights help you to achieve dream goals in your business. Thanks to our dedicated in-house team, their passion and years of expertise in the field.

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So many Digital Marketing Agencies (viz. Techmagnate, Social Beat, Gozoop, Mirum India, etc.) provide different types of digital marketing services. However, when meeting client expectations within the prescribed deadline, no one can match the commitment of Search Extension. With a proven track record of delivering exceptional results, we specialize in comprehensive digital marketing services, including SEO, social media marketing, PPC, and more. Our commitment to client success, innovative strategies, and a focus on measurable outcomes sets us apart as a top choice for businesses seeking effective digital marketing solutions in India.

So many Digital Marketing Agencies are growing every day. Still, only a few of them can manage to survive in this fast-paced competition. Search Extension is one of them. Search Extension stands out as one of India’s fastest-growing digital marketing agencies. Our rapid growth is attributed to a dynamic team of experts, a client-centric approach, and a commitment to staying ahead of industry trends. By consistently delivering high-quality services and adapting to the evolving digital landscape, we have positioned ourselves among the leaders in the Indian digital marketing space.

Absolutely, and Search Extension is a prime example. Hiring a reputable digital marketing agency like ours is crucial for brand growth in today’s competitive landscape. We bring expertise, industry knowledge, and innovative strategies to the table, ensuring your brand establishes a robust online presence and experiences sustained growth. With a focus on measurable results and a customized approach, Search Extension is a valuable partner for businesses looking to elevate their brand visibility and achieve long-term success.

Digital marketing services in India benefit small businesses by enhancing their online presence, attracting a larger audience, and driving targeted traffic. They also provide:

  • Cost-effective solutions.
  • Precise targeting.
  • Valuable data insights.
  • Increased customer engagement.
  • Flexible adaptation strategies.
  • Global reach.
  • 24/7 accessibility.

This comprehensive approach empowers small businesses to navigate the digital landscape effectively, fostering growth and establishing a meaningful connection with their audience.

The budget for Digital Marketing Services depends on your business goals and competition. Our agency works closely with clients to determine a budget that aligns with their objectives and ensures a strong return on investment.



Do you know – your site performance does matter a lot for your business growth. Therefore, it becomes crucial to optimize your site according to your potential buyers queries.

Get Professional’s Help

Our SEO experts work to drive valuable insights of your brand that help to maximize your visibility and make it easy to target your potential audiences.

Watch Out Your Competitors

Understanding competitors and their marketing strategy is very important if your goal is to become number one in your industry. SEO professionals, with their realistic marketing approach can do it for you.

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Search Extension is dedicated to offering data driven digital solutions and help businesses to achieve their future goals without compromising the brand reputation.


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