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All about Website Designing

Website designing includes planning, implementing, and conceptualizing ideas based on business needs. Website is a kind of tool that helps in promoting, marketing and advertising any kind of business 24 x 7. Don’t worry if your website is still not working for you, as we are here to guide you. All you need to do is to state your expectations and be ready to see an attractive website that works like a magnet. It helps:

  • Build Trust Among the Audience.

  • Communicate Your Company’s Motive

  • Give a Strong First Impression

  • Brand Consistency

  • Better Rankings at Search Engines

Why Choose SearchExtension?

SearchExtension is a pro at handling your budding company and making it reach new heights. Do you want our support in this? Then, all you need to do is come up with your business idea, products and services or any other requirements. Out creative website designers team will then suggest some most trendy and popular website design ideas relevant to your business.

Shanu Quraishi

Shanu Quraishi

Founder (Marketing Manager)

Mukul Verma

Co-founder (Content Manager)

Abhishek Prasad

Head of Development


I never knew that targeted content marketing could be a game changer for my business until I connected with the Search extension team. Though I was creating content on social media, it was not targeted, and very few people used to engage with that. However, this search extension team helped me search the trendiest keywords for my business and then add them to my firm’s official profile. The official content makes it easSachinier for the customers to get a hint about what we sell.

Marketing Hd


Our brand’s reputation has quickly grown due to the excellent website designs created by the Search extension team and their thorough attention to every graphical element. Right now, our engagement on the website has gone up. The design team at SearchExtension has amazing talent!


My company has suffered a huge fall in Google’s ranking after some algorithm updates which eventually affected our sales cycle. Then one of my friends suggested me to consult SearchExtension. After reaching out to them, they helped create appealing content for my target audience and increased our website ranking from page seventh to first.



We had a business where we wanted to target our social media audience. However, we didn’t know how to quickly get the result until we came across the services of SearchExtension. The team is an expert in maximizing our online visibility on various social media platforms and luring more clients to our company. They also advised us to use ads on our website to attract hot leads. The result was amazing and we are happy with their service.



Creating a business from scratch takes a bunch of work to be done in the process. It was becoming hard for me to handle all the marketing techniques on my own, so I made a deal with search extension to take care of the email marketing and pay-per-click services for my brand. Though I was skeptical initially, it has started giving excellent results with lots of profits and brand recognition.



What Does Web Design Mean?

Web design means designing a website that work as a digital platform for you and your potential customers. A nicely designed and well optimized website increases the reach of your business to the masses. Moreover, a website holds the power to impress your target customers.

What is WordPress?
WordPress is a Content Management System which help you create responsive websites without the use of code. It’s a very flexible platform where one can create an eye catchy website just by using its drag and drop builder.
Do I have to develop a mobile-friendly website?
Mobile devices are very convenient for the public. Therefore, try to create websites that can be easily accessed from other mobile browsers. This will automatically increase your brand awareness as people might start forwarding your link to each other.
How much time does it take to create a website?
It usually depends upon the client’s requirements. For more than 50 page websites, it takes a little more time than a 10-20 page website. Secondly, it also depends upon the team – how active they are, how much they’ve understood the client’s requirements, etc.
Does design websites?
Absolutely yes! SearchExtension is here to show you the ultimate path to success. We are experienced in this domain and can handle all types of website design with ease. So, what are you writing for? Hurry up and book a call with our expert to get a detailed idea.
What makes your agency the best website development company in India?

Our agency excels in website design and development, offering innovative solutions tailored to client needs, making us the best choice for businesses seeking top-notch web development services in India.

What is the average Website Development Cost In India?

The average website development cost in India varies based on project complexity, features, and customization. For a basic website, costs may start from a few thousand rupees. At the same time, more complex projects with advanced functionalities or e-commerce capabilities can range from several thousand to lakhs of rupees. It’s crucial to consult with experienced web development agencies in India to get a precise quote tailored to your specific requirements.

How do I hire a Website design company In India?

Hiring a website designing company in India involves several key steps. Begin by researching reputable agencies, reviewing their portfolios, and checking client testimonials. Assess their expertise in your industry and the variety of services offered. Next, engage in consultations to discuss your project, goals, and budget. Inquire about their design process, timelines, and post-launch support. Finally, ensure transparent communication and a detailed contract outlining deliverables and costs before finalizing your decision.

What factors contribute to the website development cost in India, and can it be tailored to fit my budget?

Project requirements, complexity, and features influence the website development cost in India. Our agency works closely with clients to customize solutions that align with their budgets while delivering high-quality websites.

Does your agency provide ongoing support and maintenance for websites developed in India?

Yes, our web design company in India offers comprehensive support and maintenance services, ensuring that websites remain secure, updated, and optimized for performance.



Do you know – your site performance does matter a lot for your business growth. Therefore, it becomes crucial to optimize your site according to your potential buyers queries.

Get Professional’s Help

Our SEO experts work to drive valuable insights of your brand that help to maximize your visibility and make it easy to target your potential audiences.

Watch Out Your Competitors

Understanding competitors and their marketing strategy is very important if your goal is to become number one in your industry. SEO professionals, with their realistic marketing approach can do it for you.

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