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Social media marketing, or SMM, is an amazing digital marketing strategy where companies use social media to increase audience trafficking. Millions of people spend their time on social media daily, which works as an ocean of business opportunities. SearchExtension takes advantage of this and comes up with great social media marketing strategies to make your brand stand at the top. It can,

  • Increase Networking

  • Audience Engagement

  • Help In Customer Relationship Management

  • Help Implement Viral Marketing Strategies

  • Meet Sales Goals

Your Social Media Allies, Not Just Service Providers

Yes, our company employs skilled and experienced individuals who approach their work with a collaborative mindset. Rather than working for the clients, we work alongside them, fostering a sense of responsibility. Once you reach out to us to increase your brand virality, rest assured of your budget. SearchExtension follows a targeted strategy, ensuring that every cent of your budget is utilized effectively to achieve the best possible outcome.

Why Choose SearchExtension ?

Effective social media marketing requires someone with strong analytical skills and a deep understanding of the subject. Our expert social media marketers possess excellent analytical skills and knowledge. We excel in conducting audience research and performing A/B split testing, always aiming to achieve your objectives while staying within your budget. Share your business objectives, and we'll provide round-the-clock assistance and impactful marketing tactics to increase your brand's reach, awareness, and customer base.

Shanu Quraishi

Shanu Quraishi

Founder (Marketing Manager)

Mukul Verma

Co-founder (Content Manager)

Abhishek Prasad

Head of Development


I never knew that targeted content marketing could be a game changer for my business until I connected with the Search extension team. Though I was creating content on social media, it was not targeted, and very few people used to engage with that. However, this search extension team helped me search the trendiest keywords for my business and then add them to my firm’s official profile. The official content makes it easSachinier for the customers to get a hint about what we sell.

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Our brand’s reputation has quickly grown due to the excellent website designs created by the Search extension team and their thorough attention to every graphical element. Right now, our engagement on the website has gone up. The design team at SearchExtension has amazing talent!


My company has suffered a huge fall in Google’s ranking after some algorithm updates which eventually affected our sales cycle. Then one of my friends suggested me to consult SearchExtension. After reaching out to them, they helped create appealing content for my target audience and increased our website ranking from page seventh to first.



We had a business where we wanted to target our social media audience. However, we didn’t know how to quickly get the result until we came across the services of SearchExtension. The team is an expert in maximizing our online visibility on various social media platforms and luring more clients to our company. They also advised us to use ads on our website to attract hot leads. The result was amazing and we are happy with their service.



Creating a business from scratch takes a bunch of work to be done in the process. It was becoming hard for me to handle all the marketing techniques on my own, so I made a deal with search extension to take care of the email marketing and pay-per-click services for my brand. Though I was skeptical initially, it has started giving excellent results with lots of profits and brand recognition.



What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is a strategy where social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, Pinterest, etc., are utilized to increase your brand reach or awareness or attract potential customers.

What is the importance of SMM?
It is evident from the name itself that it includes marketing via social media platforms. Moreover, connecting with the world and their cultures becomes easier through social media. Besides, a targeted ad campaign can bring the desired result quickly.
What social platforms should I focus on?
The world has many social media sites, including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. The best social media platform for your business will always be the one where most of your target audience hangs out. So, choose accordingly, start creating content, and run effective advertising campaigns to target them. This will be your door to success.
How to increase followers on social media?
In order to gain more followers, there is an unwritten social media rule that you must always remain active. Generally, keep on posting content and engage the audience with your perspectives. If your marketing brand matches the public’s preference, you can get more followers.
What tools to use for content editing?
Well, posting raw content can be risky and unacceptable by many. So, consider editing your posts before presenting them to the audience. You can use apps like Photoshop, Adobe Spark, Canva, AI Tools, Google Docs, and many more.



Do you know – your site performance does matter a lot for your business growth. Therefore, it becomes crucial to optimize your site according to your potential buyers queries.

Get Professional’s Help

Our SEO experts work to drive valuable insights of your brand that help to maximize your visibility and make it easy to target your potential audiences.

Watch Out Your Competitors

Understanding competitors and their marketing strategy is very important if your goal is to become number one in your industry. SEO professionals, with their realistic marketing approach can do it for you.

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