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Complete Guide on Google Search Algorithms

Have you ever heard of a very complex system, that you want to comprehend but it's not that feasible for you to learn? Let’s not make it complicated, in this blog we will be understanding about Google search algorithm and we know it's already difficult to understand but let’s break this down. Whenever we talk about the Google algorithm, we tend to get confused, but we can consider Google search algorithm as a tangled system that determines how pages will be ranked in the search results, it relies on a lot of distinctive aspects, but major aspects are-

  • Content Relevance
  • Quality
  • User experience

Let’s understand how this works,

How does Google's search algorithm work?

One thing that we need to keep in mind is that the exact details of understanding Google search algorithms aren't exactly available, which makes it more difficult. But we can try to understand the ranking process and the factors that support this algorithm somehow.

As mentioned above there are various factors that come under the ranking process-

  1. There are Google indexes pages, that determine the page background and quality, but we have to keep in our mind that not every page gets indexed
  2. There are Google crawl pages, which simply means Google sees your existence.
  3. Always remember, that indexed pages are only served to users if they search.

In this indexed pages search, the Google ranking algorithm comes in between, and as we all know pages are always ranked higher if Google finds it most relevant and useful for the audience

Google Search Algorithm Ranking Factors

Most of us feel that multiple factors help take your website to a higher rank, but it's not like that, there are only a few major factors that will determine your success in the Google search algorithm,

Let’s discuss this below-

1. How relevant is your content?

Whenever it comes to the Google search algorithm, we need to understand that the relevancy of the present content matters the most.

Suppose as a web designer, you want to take your website to a higher rank then you need to comprehend the needs of the users, and what they are actually looking for, and then you have to present the content around that relevant keyword with the useful content.

You have to see your competition, the websites that are on a higher rank, what’s the reason behind it, and what type of content they are presenting with a similar keyword, you have to understand the format and the reason behind it. The most crucial part is to understand the format structure, and how well structured a piece of information can be presented.

Whenever you are presenting your content, try to keep it raw and natural, cause it will somehow benefit you as the Google search algorithm gives priority to raw content.

2. What kind of quality content are you giving to your users?

Google search algorithm measures any content by analyzing how user-friendly it is, not search engine friendly initially, suppose your content is useful, trustworthy, and an amalgamation of meaningful and useful information that the searcher is looking for.

There's one demonstration that you have to demonstrate if you want to improve your content, and the demonstration includes-


  • Expertise
  • Experience
  • Authoritativeness
  • Trustworthiness

Whenever we talk about these four factors we tend to think that it is a ranking factor but it's not like this, it somehow shows the quality of your content, and we all know that the more the good your content is, the more it gets a higher ranking How will you demonstrate quality content?

  1. You have to provide useful and relevant information that helps satisfy your search needs
  2. Please try to add value to your content because that will play a major role.
  3. Focus on the credibility of your content.
  4. Being consistent is the key, if you come up with quality content regularly then users will get used to your content.

3. What kind of user experience would your users be getting?

Always remember Google will only give you a ranking if you majorly focus on Google user experience, if the experience is good then there are higher chances that your page will get the ranking it deserves You have to keep a few things in mind -

  1. There should be mobile friendly design
  2. There should be fast page load speeds
  3. There should be no excessive ads
  4. The website should be well structured with clear navigation
  5. A secured website plays a major role
  6. Optimize your images, you have to keep the dimensions as big as required, and always compress the file size.
  7. Try to use unused Java script.

4. Are there any backlinks present on your website?

Before understanding this aspect we need to understand what backlinks are, if multiple websites are linked to a webpage, this shows that a particular piece of content is helpful and relevant.

Backlinks have been a part of the ranking system, and it does play a major role, if reputable websites are linked in your page and especially in your content, that signifies a positive sign

Tips for better understanding Google search algorithm?

  1. Domain age This is one of the oldest theories, where we think domain age plays a major role but it’s nothing like this, for the Google search algorithm the above-mentioned aspects matter the most.
  2. Domain authority Domain authority does play a significant role, but it doesn’t play a role in understanding the algorithm.
  3. Bounce rate The bouncing rate doesn’t work with ranking factors, both differ.

History of Google algorithm updates

There were various updates mentioned below-

1. Hummingbird

An improvement to how Google could understand the meaning of search queries and match them to relevant results.

2. Rank Brain

It was a deep learning model that helped to understand new queries better.

3. Penguin

An update to penalize sites engaging in web spam SEO tactics like keyword stuffing.

4. Panda Feb 2011 An update to reduce rankings for low-quality sites and content that isn’t relevant or useful enough

5. Florida Nov 2003 An update to prevent simple manipulations of the algorithm, such as keyword stuffing

How do Google algorithm new updates leave an impact on your website?

Every single Google update plays a crucial role and can shift the whole dynamics of ranking factors, and the necessity of ranking factors.

New algorithms are usually based on -

  • If a website is not coming up with spammy content.
  • If the content is relevant
  • User’s satisfaction

Google algorithm updates can break or make a website cause if a website works or changes according to the new updates then any website can achieve the highest ranking

How to stand out in this competitive era with many new updates?

Here are a few steps that you need to consider

  • See an update and confirm it
  • Research
  • Take action on it

Whenever you see a new update, you need to confirm it first, you need to understand it completely, try to see what changes Google is expecting for your website then start with your research, as you are starting with your research keep this in your head, that you need to analyze and compare different websites altogether, for better understanding.

After understanding and researching the new update you need to take action because, with action or a change plan, it will become feasible for you to cope with your competition.

Consistent changes in your website are the most important part to remember, and google new updates help you to keep yourself in a loop of new changes, if one works and makes changes according to the new updates then you can take your website to any rank you want to take.

What benefits of understanding the Google search algorithm?

There are distinctive benefits of understanding the Google search algorithm-

  1. If you understand the Google search algorithm then it gets easier for you to understand the user’s needs
  2. You can directly get to know your targeted audience
  3. You can generate sales, traffic, and whatnot
  4. Google search algorithm creates a win-win situation for both the parties, users, and websites, if you work according to the algorithm then you can get organic traffic that is always free and users can get the most relevant content and in between all of this helps google gain trustworthy users.

Why does Google's algorithm change?

Google algorithm changes from time to time cause-

  1. To prevent spammy content on the internet.
  2. Providing users with the best of the internet
  3. Giving priority to the rawest, most real, and most useful content
  4. Giving priority to relevant and consistent websites working for the user’s needs

After analyzing all the aspects of the Google search algorithm, one thing can be noted because of the algorithm, users get the best and most relevant content according to their searches, and it plays a significant role in refining the best content out of distinctive content on different websites.

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